This is our patch. These are our crew colors and are a sacred virtue in the club.This is what we ride for, this is what we live for, and this is what we die for. The colors are blue and gold for these reasons: The blue is for the experience we gain while discussing club business and riding as a club. The gold is for the cash we gain for handling club business. The Jester, which is the center piece that is our mascot, is for the fun we have while tearing up the streets in San Andreas. The Nomad bottom rocker (bottom patch) means we claim no territory and we go where we want, when we want. We dont hold a 1%er status. WE ARE NOT A 1%ER CLUB! The "JF" "FJ" side patches means "Jesturz Forever Forever Jesturz", which pertains to the fact that once we have accepted our patch this is the ONLY patch we are loyal to. Club  patches mean everything to a brother, and should be treated as that brothers UP MOST prized possession.