Are you a motorcyclist looking for an MC but don't want all the drama? Are you tired of gettin harassed by other MC's about joining their "best club" and then getting shot down when you say no? Are you tired of getting bombarded in lobbies by randoms and other crews for no apparent reason? The Wyld Jesturz MC (WJMC) is open and looking for prospects. 

In order to join you must have/be the following:

- You MUST have your PSN account linked to your profile, it AND your crews and friends MUST be visible.

-MUST be 16 or older and mature. NO CREW HOPS! NO LITTLE KIDS!

-You MUST own either a Hexer, Bagger or Daemon for the club. Super bikes are allowed but only for missions, races, stunt jumps, etc

-You MUST have a mic. If we can't communicate with you we can't promote you.

-MUST have knowledge of the MC world in general. NO INEXPERIENCED RIDERS!

     You'll prospect for 2 weeks and grow with the club. We are an activity and experience (RP and leveling up) club for now looking to get into competitive TDMs. So we will take experienced shooters to help train as well.

     If you think you have what it takes just click the "Request Invite" tab on the crew page. We will be checking everything so your profiles MUST BE OPEN TO EVERYONE! Crews, Linked Accounts, Friends, etc... We only want the best loyal brothers we can get.